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White Noise on Black Background

THE UNFACTIONED is a movement for those who operate outside the norm. We all decide the choices we make in life. Some of us decided to make choices off the beaten path. Why? because we understand change. We understand how greatness comes to be. Taking on this crazy thing called life with a cookie cutter approach is simply not an option for the Unfactioned people of the world. They believe in something bigger, better, and so much more rewarding then anyone could of hoped for. They aren't afraid of struggle, or a challenge. They plan big and accomplish bigger. They are the go getters, the risk takers, and the innovators. 

The founder Kate Stinson has been through it all, seen struggle, over come many obstacles. But she refused to give up. She created this movement, this brand, this community, to inspire others to do the same. She wanted to encourage many to ignore the nay sayers and keep pushing, and believe in the Unfactioned.

Tom Smith. Owner of AS

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