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Want to join the Family?
build the heart and soul of our community

Everybody has a story, and we want to hear yours. The Wyrd Tribe is the inner workings of Unfactioned. Its the minds, hearts and souls that give this community the right amount of wild, the best bad and great decisions, and the perfect amount of inspiration. 


As a Wyrd Tribe Member, its important to represent the brand in the best way. The Unfactioned® wants you to put effort into creating creative and successful content and interactions that promote our brand. We will then do what we can to help support and promote you as well. We strive to work together on this Wyrd journey called life. 

The Perks

Experience, exposure, networkings


discounts & free gear 

potential income

This is a great opportunity to expand you knowledge on the world of being an influencer. When working with The Unfactioned® you have opportunities to network in ways that can open many other doors. Your role is to  drive brand awareness, increase the number of customers and engage users on social media by doing you while wearing us. This experience preps you for future brand ambassadorships as well. 

The Unfactioned® hosts  Unphased Events. These are opportunities for members of the Wyrd Tribe to get together, make memories, bond, and truly build a sense of family. as a Wyrd Tribe member you get full access to these events with select accommodations covered by the brand. 

Wyrd Tribe Members get and exclusive 10% off on all merchandise! Plus free merch sent to them every other month after 90 days of active membership. 

 Wyrd Tribe Members will be provided with: 

  • Unique discount code to share via social media (e.g., Instagram & Facebook) and through word of mouth. Unique code set up information will be sent in a welcome email once your application is approved.

  • Once you share your exclusive discount code; for every individual who uses that code at – you’ll earn 5% percent of their total purchase amount before sales tax, for as long as you remain a The Unfactioned® Wyrd Tribe Member!

  • After your first quarter your personal discount has the potential to increase to 15%, after which point your discount can rise 1% for every qualifying purchase made*, with the potential to reach a 25% discount! Changes to the discount amount in lieu of a higher commission can be discussed on a case by case basis.
    Conversion action: online purchase with processed valid payment
    Entry Compensation: 5% commission with 10% personal discount
    Payout method: PayPal
    Payout Schedule: 1st and 15th of every month, each sale is subject to a 30-day waiting period before commission is paid out.
    *Items that retail for $10 or less do not count by themselves unless the total purchase exceeds $25



We are looking to work with the path makers, innovators, glass cieling breakers, wild souls and rebel minded creatures.  We encourage you to apply to represent this small business determined to help inspire and add purpose to the lives of those around us. We also strive to work with those passionate about our clothing, helping veterans, and the overall mission of The Unfactioned® .

 We partner with multiple 501(c)(3) non-profit charities that provides aid to veterans who struggle with suicidal thoughts. Some of these charities also proved experiences for veterans that bring excitement and positivity to their life and mindset.


Upon approval, Wyrd Tribe Members will receive a discount code to list in their social media accounts and bios to promote reduced pricing on merchandise. Wyrd Tribe Members are subject to terms of agreement upon application approval and will receive a contract and terms of benefits agreement outlining all the benefits we offer our Wyrd Tribe family.


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